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This is a perfect picture of domestication, from the collection #Instavulnerability. But what is lingering behind the mask? There is an underlying reality and vulnerability that is not visible or revealed. A housewife looking for an identity.


My Instagram videos also represent a transformation, I have silenced my Ego and Superego, making the invisible Id, visible. I have passed the moment of invisibility and emerged into later life visibility. I am looking to push the boundaries of morality and conscience, to create an uncomfortable sense of embarrassment for the observer. The volatile personality I create hasn't quite tipped over the edge to decadence, but appears to be on that precipice. The femme fatale was cast as the main culprit of decadence. I embrace that sentiment and explore myself as an idea through decadence, a housewife looking for an identity. Being able to liberate my internal desire for expression, and prevent dark thoughts from consuming my spirit. As in The Yellow Wallpaper, it’s about allowing me as a person to creep out of the one world of restriction, and enter a world of freedom.

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