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Elle Ford Carbonisation
Elle Ford Transcendence
Elle Ford carbonised object 2
Elle Ford carbonised object
Elle Ford carbonised object 1
Elle Ford Carbonisation 3
Elle Ford Black
Elle Ford Carbonisation 7
Elle Ford Carbonisation
Elle Ford Carbonisation 6
Elle Ford Carbonistaion 5

The source material and resulting images and sculptures in my Life Cycle installation portray the full developmental lifecycle of my work and in doing so, to demonstrate how new creations emerge from the remnants of the old.


The challenge of the experimental creative process is to define the point at which an identity for the work has been reached, and importantly to know when to stop. “Art has no beginning or end because it is a continuous journey,” (La Saga) It’s about revealing, making transparent the elements of experience, influence, practice and interconnections and identifying, capturing a key point (punctum) in the creative journey in a way that aims to provoke an emotional response in the spectator.

In reflecting the Life Cycle theme in my work, all of the pieces displayed are in various stages of deterioration, so that in time, all will fall apart and transcend into another state of being.

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