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Elle Ford_Life Cycle
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Elle Ford_Life Cycle

thejamjar residency period was a fantastic opportunity and a great privilege to be chosen and given access to such a personal and dedicated work space. I was particularly pleased that I did not have to tidy up every day, despite the mess I made in the course of my creative process. The open environment allowed people to pass through and provide feedback on my work in progress. It was a very positive experience to be stopped and questioned on my work by a diverse group of people. 


I found that although I started with a specific proposal, I was encouraged to sidetrack as a result of this invaluable interaction and feedback from others. thejamjar team opened my eyes to the use of social media and drove me to be more creative through the need to demonstrate progress on a frequent basis, this felt like a regular reflection and recording of my creative process much like a reflective journal. They also provided great assistance and feedback, organising and creating the marketing material to support my residency period and publishing announcements in online media to promote my work. 


The work I produced in the residency period was a continuation and broadening of my practice and a warm-up to making creation of art a full-time commitment. A major highlight and benefit I gained during the residency period was that I developed a sense of confidence and fulfilment not experienced for quite some time, and this has been reflected in both my work and personal life.

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