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The unifying aspect of my work is risk. I want to push it over the edge, I want it to be uncomfortable for myself but also for the audience. I am looking for the moment just prior to collapse, putting objects under stress in order to unleash a transformation, not just as an object but also as an idea. My work consists of the action of uncontrolled destruction to uncover emotional energy, often irrational or repressed in the process, aiming to eliminate the initial recognised form. I take the lingering references to what is decomposing or being fragmented, and present the physically and emotionally scarred vestiges and traces of destruction left behind. The three work streams in my show were developed separately but are woven together, and without knowing each other they're all the same, they have a total interconnectedness. The works reflect the world as I experience it today, they feed off each other, and they complement each other, and explain each other. They capture the essence of life, that decay and decadence are ever present, but masked from view through creation of a different form to the original. The work ultimately represents the ephemeral nature of life, that if you try to hold on too tightly, it may disintegrate, collapse or slip through your fingers.

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