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Along with Creative People

From “Along with Creative People” project by portrait photographer Sherzod Mirzaev during my art residency; Life Cycle at thejamjar Dubai.

 "My name is Sherzod. I'm portrait photographer. Since 2016 I have been studying portrait genre. I know about portrait photography a lot, but the same time I know nothing when it comes to meet the person, whom I'm going to photograph.

Each person is being photographed in his own way. I can't predict the result. Certain place, certain moment, and certain person - that's what I have in order to make good portraits.  Portrait photography is one of the way of communication and discovering different people, from whom sometimes I`m inspired. And I decided to start a project called  "Along with Creative People". It`s all about making portraits of people across UAE, who creates something. Starting from artists, designers to barbers and chefs. The core idea is to show people the portraits of persons who are dedicated to their creation, who contributes to  art."

Follow Sherzod Mizraev on Instagram at:

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