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Life Cycle at thejamjar (Art Residency)

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Continuing its mission to support and nurture Dubai’s artistic community, thejamjar, a community art space located in the neighborhood of Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz hosts their new edition of their artist residency starting January 2. The residency will be open to the public for three months, giving visitors a chance to discover the unique processes and practices that I developed.

thecloud, thejamjar

Since 2016, thecloud space located on the 2nd floor of thejamjar has served as a condensed habitat for artists to brainstorm ideas, reeling out of reality and eventually diving into the creative process to develop their works through mixed media or large scale installations.

About the Residency

Looking for an opportunity to interact and connect with other like-minded people in a beautiful space and to develop my work further I am looking for new inspiration, to create something new and to further develop my experimental creative practice, I've accepted the invitation by thejamjar to be their next Artist in Residency.

Having exhibited in the UK and the Netherlands, I am also looking to showcase my work to a wider audience here in the UAE. thejamjar residency provides the space, interaction and wider exhibition audience opportunities that I was looking for.

My previous work has focused on carbonization, lifecycles and the process around creating my work. This is a unique process and practice that I have developed over the last few years.

My intent during the residency period would be to link and connect my carbonization practice, through use of locally sourced or created charcoal bricks, to create 3 dimensional sculptures based on ancient civilisation’s town or dwelling floor plans from 2 dimensional maps or other literature sources. The plans can be from any region or time period, the material for the works can also be from any locally sourced material. The scale of the sculptures can be adapted to the exhibition space. The work will be experimental, so I intend to start with a 2 dimensional image and build up the 3 dimensional sculpture from that foundation.

ground plan (sketch)

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