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From Ashes to Words #ProjectElleFord

Majoring in Fine Arts Winchester School of Arts, University of Southhampton, I am a member of one of the UAE’s important art institution Tashkeel, Dubai. My work is about identifying, capturing, revealing and making transparent elements of experience, influence and interconnections in my creative journey.

My previous work has focused on carbonisation, life-cycles and the process around creating the work. Hence the concept focuses on exploring the carbonisation process by using locally sourced or created carbon materials with an aim to create 3 dimensional sculptures based on ancient civilisation’s town or dwelling floor plans either extracted from 2 dimensional maps or other literature sources. The plans can be from any region or time period.

Carbonisation is about transformation and transcendence from one form to another, adding and extracting energy throughout the process. The carbonised object becomes a sculpture, and the powdery residue from the carbonisation process becomes the source of material for my paintings and sculptures. The material emerges from the ashes to be renewed after destruction.

"Pushing artistic boundaries and understanding format, framing and context, the outcome is raw and compassionate, even disturbing."

#ProjectElleFord is a series of blogs about my work in progress.

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